In addition to our project management and software development services ITRegister also  provides a range of IT-related products and services, including:

IT Strategy & Architecture Consulting
Has your organisations IT requirements out grown your current hardware or software?  Is your IT support team working 24X7?  If so then we can provide you with an independent assessment of your current IT requirements and assist you to develop a strategy and action plan to move you forward. 

Technical Support Services
Do you require specialist technical support to help manager or resolve a complex IT problem?  Our team of "MEGATECS" can help solve your problem, whether it be with servers, firewalls, routers/switchers, wireless security, etc.  We'll also help you develop a strategy and plan to minimise the future of such issues to your business.

Managed Hosting
 We offer a full range of managed hosting services to our customers through our datacenters in Melbourne and Sydney.  We can take care of everything from setting up and configuring Windows, Linux and Macintosh servers, through to installing and managing software applications such as Exchange, Lync, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Office, WordPress, Drupal, etc.   ITRegister is also a Microsoft SPLA partner so we can provide you with "pay as you go" monthly licenses for almost any Microsoft product, so you don't have to outlay potentially thousands of $ on up front payments and always have access to the latest versions of all software. 

As part of our managed hosting service we can also take care of your domain registrations, installing Web sites, setting up email accounts, backing up all files and databases, monitoring bandwidth, generating usage statistics, etc.  It’s one less thing you have to worry about so you can focus on running your business.  We can also offer you redundancy services such as a backup websites or servers, so if your main site fails for any reason then a backup site will automatically come into use.

Virtual Office Automation Solutions
Does your business need to reduce it's infrastructure costs and provide a more flexible working environment for staff?  If so then you should consider the benefits of establishing a Virtual Office Environment.  ITRegister is a leader in this field because we practice what we preach and we only use best of breed products.

Website Creation
Always wanted to get your company, business or family on the Web but don't know where to start?  We offer a basic service from domain name registration through to graphic design and content management.  Of course if you want to add on-line ordering, purchasing and delivery we can also help with that.

Data Warehousing Design Services
We have a team within our company that focuses on designing and auditing data warehouses and associated technologies. We also specialise in delivering the information from data warehouses into Web based applications and services. 

When you're travelling on business there's nothing more annoying that realising you've left a crucial document on your office or home PC.  Or perhaps you just want to travel light and leave the laptop at home?  RepliCon is suite of software products we've developed which provide secure remote access to your PC's console so you can access it from any Web browser.  We can help you design and implement an effective remote console solution that works with your existing IT infrastructure.

This is a website-monitoring service that operates 24X7 to monitor your website’s availability. Should your site be unavailable for any reason, then OzWebWatch can alert you instantly via SMS. Our tracking software operates from 3 independent connections to the Internet, ensuring 99.9% coverage — regardless of network outages or other denial-of-service issues (Note: comes standard with our Managed Hosting services)