“Passion” isn't a word often used to describe an IT company, but then we’re not your typical IT company. Sure we sometimes wear suits and know an awful lot about IT, but we’re different on a few fronts:-

ITRegister was founded by a group of professionals who have a passion for finding your business problem, then seeing through a solution. A solution that works — and didn’t just look great in PowerPoint. And a solution that fits your budget.

For some IT workers, “building” the software is the fun bit — but that ignores the basics of firstly defining the problem and then testing to see if what’s been built actually does the job. That’s where our passion for “project governance” comes in (see “Our approach” for details).

ITRegister is not just another IT “body shop” because we provide project management and follow an accredited methodology to develop the software we create.  We also provide a guarantee on the work we do and can provide on-going support to help your business maximise the value of your investment.

We can do all that because our people have worked for over 20 years in both the local and overseas IT industries, successfully delivering multi-million dollar projects in challenging environments — in some cases, spanning 3 continents simultaneously.

ITRegister is also different because of the way we’re set up:-

We’re an on-line company and use the internet extensively to service clients. Using a telecommuting approach means we can provide a highly responsive service to our clients at very competitive rates.

It also means no job is too small. Or too big. Or in the wrong location. Or if need be, we can work on your premises, as part of your on-site team. We do what the job needs.

Just as our name sounds, the ITRegister has a database of skilled computing professionals. This allows us to call on a host of different skills. Not every job just needs software developers or programmers, sometimes specialists in testing or writing or business analysis are needed. We have them all on call.

ITRegister services SMEs through to corporations, and we have people all around Australia, including regional centres. So don’t think you’re too far away from us.

And lastly, what makes us different is we have a passion for growing the Australian IT industry. We have local knowledge and local market experience, and we're actively involved in local user groups and tertiary education training programs.

Contact the ITRegister to see how we can help you!